Shoot The Messenger!

Written by on September 20, 2018

There are so many myths and lies circulating our society, like “If you build it they will come”, or “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.” I could seriously list a hundred more. But the one that I feel is one of the most dangerous phrases floating through our collective venacular is, “Don’t shoot the messenger!” 

Let me say right now my friends- the very first thing you should do is shoot the messenger! Or at the very least, cock your gun and aim it at him and then think long and hard about why he is really here and if he means you harm or not. You see, most “messengers” arrive on the scene in your life with advice wrapped in an agenda. Some agendas are transparent while many, far too many, are hidden deep in the cracks of the sly grin of…you guessed it…the messenger!

Most people are not qualified to give you great advice on most topics. Not trying to be mean- just stating the facts. Oh sure, everybody has an OPINION, but opinions and wisdom rarely walk hand in hand. Like, really; almost NEVER.

Which brings me to the title of this little blog post; ‘shoot the messenger’. I truly subscribe to this theory most of  the time. I mean it- MOST. Unfortunately, I am not in the majority when it comes to this approach.  There are too many (half or so)  “messengers” fluttering about in all of our lives, urging us forward, pulling us so, recklessly spewing ideas, insights and advice.  They are well-meaning friends and family members who truly have your best interests at heart.

Then there is the other half of the “messengers”; those who are most definitely NOT well-meaning people who love you and want the best for you. Nope. Not even close. This group of sharks are people who do not love you and they are only looking out for their own best interest. These people are playing the role of messenger in your life for one purpose- you have something they want or need.

Perhaps they want to sell you something, borrow something or simply learn something about you, (or someone you know well) they are dying to know. They may not even know what they DON’T know! These people we loving call, stupid. (Not PC, I know, but don’t care.)

I am in the midst of writing a book titled, “Nobody wants a fat personal trainer.” As I said a second ago- I don’t care about being PC. We all seek advice from someone who is where we are trying to get to. This is true for all scenarios. Money, health, marriage, parenting, etc… we want to hear from people who can speak to solutions where we are only fluent in problems.

And THAT brings me to….the creation of Influencer Podcast Network. There are quite literally, thousands of podcasts with absolutely no value and some are actually damaging to their listeners due to the lack of accuracy within their content. After listening to one too many terrible podcast hosted by unqualified people, giving unqualified advice, I decided it was time to shut these people up (or down) and build a community of podcasters who are leading from the front. Who are walking the talk. Who have lived to reach the summit. I want a podcast network where you can come to discover smart voices, wise words and meet trusted friends. Thats it.

That is why I built this podcast network. I hope you enjoy discovering our many shows and IF you are a qualified voice in your field of interest, I hope you will join the network and let your voice, your message, be heard!

Pod on!

Troy Dunn



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